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Real Estate Redefined


Since 1954, Hughey & Neuman, Inc. has had its finger on the pulse of Albany, Georgia’s residential, commercial, investment, land, and farm real estate markets.

Staying abreast of the area’s trends and making a point of knowing the associated people in the industry gives their customers the advantage. Hughey & Neuman strive to give all of their customers expert and professional advice and most of all, quality service.

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Client: Hughey & Neuman
Date: February 6, 2017
Services: Website, Branding, Campaigning


Hughey & Neuman sought to break through to the next level of real estate marketing.

Real Estate Redefined. These three words were the driving force behind everything that we partnered with Hughey & Neuman to do. They work hard to give their clients the best experience available and we give them the platform and accessories to share their story with others.

Combining the passion behind Hughey & Neuman with our services, we were able to captivate their audience with marketing materials that expressed their hard work and dedication to the real estate industry. We worked to increase their audience outside of just real estate and created a lifestyle scene for everyday viewers to experience.


Hughey & Neuman’s style is a combination of modern and contemporary trends.

Staying up-to-date on trends and styles was necessary in our venture to re-brand and update their look. We worked to keep things simple, while maintaining the integrity of the culture that Hughey & Neuman’s brand had already created. While tweaking fonts that they have used for years and using various shades of their current colors, we were able to create a new style out of an old brand.

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